Don't act like you don't like it!
December 8th, 2023

I have a great idea for a fun get-together just in time to soothe your pre-Christmas blues, and that would be to come and see Triple Threat play at Rock & Brews on Friday, December 8th! Doesn't that sound like fun? I'm pretty sure anybody having a Christmas party will be having it on a Saturday, so it's possible that your calendar was conspicuously devoid of fun diversions on December 8th until you received this here Facebook event notification. When there's a hole in your social schedule, that's where we come in. Always trying to help, that's us! I have it on good authority that a bunch of your friends will be at Rock & Brews relaxing after a hard week at the office. If you were to go someplace else on December 8th, you'd be surrounded by strangers, and I don't know why you'd want to do that to your friends.

If you don't come to Rock & Brews on December 8th, you will be visited by three spirits. The first one will make you regretful, the second one will make you feel guilty, and as if those two emotions are not bad enough, from every movie or TV rendition I've ever seen, the third one will be friggin' terrifying! However, if you DO come to Rock & Brews on December 8th, there's a good chance you'll also be visited by three spirits, but these ones are named vodka, rum and tequila (and that's just if you order a long island ice tea)...! These spirits will make you feel warm and happy inside.

I think this is a pretty easy choice, isn't it? Sad and scared surrounded by strangers or warm and happy surrounded by your friends and listening to your favorite 90's rock tribute band? I know you'll make the right decision! See you on December 8th at:

Rock & Brews
Friday, December 8th 8:00 PM
5351 Nebraska Furniture Mart Drive, The Colony

Rock & Brews is located on the Southeastern corner of 121 and Plano Parkway in The Colony, TX