Don't act like you don't like it!
February 10th, 2023

When we last left our heroes in our favorite neighborhood cover band, they were waiting with great trepidation as Brad the Guitar Player underwent and recovered from two separate hand surgeries. Will he be able to play guitar again? Will he be able to drive effectively given the complex gesturing required when driving in DFW? Will I ever drop this annoying soap opera tone? Oy, such cliffhangers! Thankfully Brad and his hand have made a full recovery and he's returned to axe-shredding (although I haven't confirmed the gesturing while driving yet).

As it turns out, you really need two functioning hands to play guitar effectively, so thankfully all this hand refurbishing is behind us and we can get back to gigging. I don't keep track of this kind of thing, but it will have been exactly 511 days from our last gig to when you come to see us play our next gig at Willhoite's in Grapevine on Friday, February 10th. Looked at another way, when combined with the pandemic, this will only be our third gig in three years. I don't mind tellin' ya that it's KILLING me, Smalls! Time to get busy clawing our way up from the bottom again. After three years, there are very likely new managers at many of the clubs we were in the process of courting in the past, so all the sucking up we did to the previous managers goes down the drain. Thankfully there are places like that good old standby Willhoite's who will help us get a foothold again.

So if you've been bored in the past three years by all these other bands who don't play 90s rock, please consider coming out to see us at Willhoite's in Grapevine on Friday, February 10th at 9 pm. I think you'll agree that a visit to beautiful downtown Grapevine is the perfect end to the work week, isn't it? To prove that we haven't just been resting on our laurels, we've even learned some new songs, songs that you like that other bands don't play! We definitely have a niche, and this year we just need to convince club managers that the only 90s rock tribute band in DFW can draw just as well as other tribute bands. You know what would really help convince them, though? If you came out to see us so that we could make good on that claim! If you can't make it out on February 10th at 9 pm, please consider coming to see us at some point this year. And if you CAN make it out to Willhoite's, so much the better!

Willhoite's Restaurant
Friday, February 10th 9:00 PM
432 South Main Street, Grapevine

Willhoite's is located on Main Street south of West Northwest Highway in Grapevine