Don't act like you don't like it!
May 12th, 2023

Thanks to your showing up at our last Rock & Brews gig, we have another one NEXT Friday, May 12th at 8 pm. You know, I really like that place and admit, you do, too! It's got fire in the middle of every table in the outside room where the band plays. It's only a problem if you're really tall and prop your feet up on the table. I like any room that has garage doors because it's like simultaneously being indoors and outdoors. And being partially outdoors is great for the short period of mild temperatures we get in Texas between the damp, cold winter and the oppressively hot summer. Yeah, I really love those two weeks.

Anyway, if you came to see us last time, why would you even need to come see us again? Wouldn't you just be hearing the same exact songs not performed any better? Of course not! First of all, you're not keeping track of what songs we do from gig to gig, but more importantly, we change it up every time! If my pitch is actually working and you're planning on coming to see us a second time at Rock & Brews, you'll hear a bunch of songs we didn't play last time we were there. We're in a groove, not a rut. You smell what I'm steppin' in? Anyway, I'm going to try to think of something funny to post in this event next week when I REALLY try to persuade you to come and see us, but in the meantime, please put us down in pen for Friday, May 12th in that busy social calendar of yours.

Rock & Brews
Friday, May 12th 8:00 PM
5351 Nebraska Furniture Mart Drive, The Colony

Rock & Brews is located on the Southeastern corner of 121 and Plano Parkway in The Colony, TX